Harting Down is just to the South of South Harting village on the B2141 Petersfield to Chichester road. At the top of the hill is a ‘RingGo’ car park although parking is free to National Trust members.

This site is the property of The National Trust with whom the MVSA have an agreement.

Wind direction - North North East to North West.

This slope has very good lift with the sun behind you and plenty of room for landing.

Please watch out for the occasional full size glider, out on a cross country, especially coming from behind the trees on your left.


Rules of Use
The site is available for use by the MVSA and the Sky Surfing Club.

Models may be flown under the following conditions: -

Not to fly lower than 25’ directly over or within 50’ of a public right of way or horses not on the public bridleway.

‘Novice’ rated members are NOT allowed to fly.

Avoid disturbing livestock.

No more than 6 models may be airborne at any one time.

NOT to fly when livestock are occupying or close to takeoff/landing areas or when instructed by Council or National Trust staff/representatives.

Model gliders and electrically assisted thermal soarers only are allowed. IC powered and other forms of electric aircraft are forbidden.

Flyers must abide by the MVSA general rules, obey National Trust byelaws.

Use common sense, avoiding the public, horse riders, livestock, and kites. Please be aware that the South Downs Way cuts across the flying site.

Be aware of hang gliders, paragliders and full size gliders who also use the slope.

No vehicles beyond the car park.

The site can only be used for leisure flying: no competitions/demonstrations or training can be held at this site.


FPV (first person view)

Flying with FPV is not permitted on this site


General Rules


This site is managed by the MVSA for members only. BMFA members may fly with permission.

Please contact the secretary if you would like to visit.