Whilst not the most common wind direction this is probably the best slope we fly at when the wind is right. Good clean air, abundant lift and no obstacles. A large landing area allows even the largest of scale gliders to be operated easily. This is another site that is very popular with hang-glider/paragliders.


The slope faces East.  With a North East bowl at the Southern end of the slope (out of bounds if hang-gliders/paragliders are present).



The site is available for use by the MVSA and the Sky Surfing Club.

This is a private site and a £1 fee is payable on every visit by anyone using the site. An honour box is located by the hedge just inside the gate.

A maximum of 13 models are allowed in the air at any one time.

An orange/yellow marker is located on a fence post approximately half way across the slope. Modellers shall fly to the North of this marker and hang glider/para gliders to the South.


FPV (first person view)

Flying with FPV is permitted, provided that Skysurfers are not flying and other members are in agreement.


General Rules


This is a private site for MVSA & CADMAC members only. Please contact the secretary if you would like to visit.