Site Rules

Please refer to these CADMAC rules published by the controlling club.

Points to note include:

Informing Air Traffic Control if you are the first flyer present. It is now a legel requirement to obtain permission.
Telephone number is on notice board by gate ( 01243 755061 ).

Limit of 5 models airborne at one time.

No flying higher than the telecommunications tower.

A size limit of 120” on slope soarers and 100” on electric assist.

This is a private site, and is managed by CADMAC.

The Trundle is part of the Goodwood Estate. It overlooks Goodwood House and Goodwood Aerodrome. Flying at the site is managed by CADMAC with whom we have a reciprocal arrangement. It offers great views and superb flying especially on a summers day.


The slope is facing South West and located just below the telecommunications tower and just above the bowl shaped depression.